July 12, 2021

What a wonderful opportunity to work with the amazing Silverswallow design boutique directly. Their dresses and services are out of this world. Featuring our newly inspired Madame Pompadour limited range www.lafriquestudios.co.za . We needed some beautiful Paris dresses which they so heartily agree to sponsor us with these beautiful brag pieces from their newly launched range. The over the top and flare-for-life dresses are what we are totally in love with lately.

To prove how beautiful spots can be found all around us; The session took place in our own art LAFRIQUE studio for the first time. PS; it was a mess, despite the gorgeous minimalistic scenes we created with some artworks & empty shell canvas backings. My beautiful best friend Cherise Malan was joined by my pomeranian fur kid.

Our favorite hairdresser also made this session possible with the beautifully styled hair by Di. Salon. Warren added the final piece of a big bow to tie in the Paris pompadour look.

this shoot was Sponsored with product placements by;






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