September 18, 2018

Trash the Wedding Dress Pierre & Luzaan

A trash the wedding dress always sounds worse than it actually is. “Yes” it’s an adventure of photographs that you won’t necessarily try-out on the day of the wedding. Fearing it will ruin your gorgeous dress, and you still need an evening to show it off.

Well that’s exactly what a trash the dress are for. Plus it’s such a good excuse to put on your dress for an adventure photoshoot one more time. If you feel daring there is multiple ways to really get that dress ruined but with this feature we would love to showcase a fun way to do it, and your dress haven’t actually been “trashed”


Pierre and Luzaan Wed on 31 march this year 2018. And there wedding was already at the peak of extraordinary. There photos was taken in a still waterfall with all the cliffs running down towards a beautiful landscape. And like Luzaan, she had so much ideas but didn’t want to get her dress ruined, well not before the wedding actually started. We decided to make a huge adventure to travel to Western Cape, this locations held dear to their heart.

The weekend did held a challenge, our original photoshoot date was the Saturday and it was a cold and stormy the past two days prior to the shoot already. So the oceans was colder and heavier than usual. Sunday the odds was in our favor and we were blessed with beautiful sunny day. Everything was perfect to capture this gorgeous couple.



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