November 18, 2020
This photo session is very close to our hearts. And how clients turned into friends. We first met Jaco and Jean-marie just before the lock down and pandemic. they booked and had everything sorted for a beautiful ceremony and was ready for the big day. But like most they had to postpone their wedding due to the lock-down. But had the amazing news that she was pregnant.( she had  her Maternity session in Pretoria and you can view it here) and might i say it was so spectacular to meet new people and have a blast while you work with them.

We headed to Lydenburg with a the intention of a Newborn baby session for Jean-Marie and Jaco. They just had her baby son three weeks ago. And the honor to capture Ichnus first photo session is such an honor. We planned to make a whole weekend out of it. And they invited us to take us to all the hidden spots from waterfalls to forests and hills. And then afterwords just have a fantastic time with them after the shoot. But we had planned a big surprise ! Partnering up with her favorite wedding dress designer and the designer of her wedding dress Johan Botha fashion. Gifted us a gorgeous luxury dress jacket.

The documentary baby session was so special with the sweetest moments we had to take also beautiful mommy pictures as well.





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