Best Engagement shoot ideas for 2022

May 9, 2022

New modern engagement photo ideas

When you think about engagement photos, the first images that walk into your mind are those traditional and, dare we say, cheesy portrayals. However, engagement sessions are an embodiment of your authenticity and should visually tell your story. Thus, you needn’t follow any cliché, only your own style. These photos can be as stylish, playful, and chic as you like! If your heartstrings beat passionately in the name of romance and contemporary allure, then in this article, you will find some out-of-the-box modern engagement photo ideas that will set your inspiration on fire.

  1. Immerse into your favorite activity

Plan a weekend getaway and spend your intimate time on a luxury yacht or have a boat trip. Your photographer will capture your day at sea in a candid and relaxed manner. Enjoying some activity together will provide you with a charming understated elegance that looks incredible in photos. Of course, you can channel your glam and opt for voguish style while enjoying a glass of wine or two. Naturally, this activity doesn’t have to be something extravagant for you to have an amazing engagement shoot. Even spending your day by the pool in lounging attire can elevate your shoot!

  1. Golden hour, retro magic, and glamour

Find a retro luxury car in which you can drive to your favorite spot with a great view. For the lovers of chic attire with a hint of vintage, this can be a great opportunity to show off your unique style. Wait for the golden hour for the ultimate romantic portrayal.

  1. An ode to the city dwellers

The city hides many gems when it comes to aesthetic locations to complement your session. In fact, one of our favorite modern engagement photo ideas is opting for an urban chic setting like a rooftop or a loft. You can also use some historic landmarks as your backdrop or add an edgy contrast with some industrial space. When it comes to the attire, make a nod to your voguish essence or simply evoke the glamour of classic films – especially for those street movement shots.

  1. Escape to a luxury retreat

We love romanticizing the idea of far-flung destination engagement sessions! Book a venue that you simply adore and let your story unfold through timeless yet stylish images. From the simple delights like having a perfect breakfast together, to the sensuality of spending your morning in your robes, this opens up many modern new ways for the best engagement photos in 2022. In addition, you can later use the setting of the venue for some elegant shots around the estate. And don’t forget to pack some designer pieces and showcase them through the shoot – you can even make your own contemporary take on vintage fashion icons and recreate some photos with your photographer!

  1. Channel your romantic muse, surrender to your emotions, and have fun!

The one thing that defines all modern engagement photo ideas is to be completely natural. Being constantly posed can look artificial, so don’t be afraid to surrender to your emotions. Incorporate some motion and let go of the obsession about reaching perfection. What can possibly be more perfect than what you two share? Pop the bottle of champagne and celebrate in style. Let your connection take the spotlight while you are being completely your natural selves. Celebratory mood and having playful fun will always look incredible in photos, giving a vibrant and modern touch. Let’s party!

We hope you found your inspiration through our modern engagement photo ideas! If you wish us to ensnare your own signature engagement style and story, get in touch!



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