June 20, 2017

Shepstone Gardens Indian Anniversary photoshoot

Cameron and Serina Coopen

Tucked among all the busy city of Johannesburg lies a jewel of wedding venues, a place where any artist mind can be free from the world outside, experiencing Shepstone Gardens is like nothing you can imagine a real life alice in wonderland with its boutique gardens and shepstone castles and glass rooftops. its not our first time capturing an exquisite photoshoot on this estate. but we had a anniversary idea to surprise our lovely wed couple that married 5 years ago for a dream anniversary shoot at this extraordinary Wedding venue Shepstone Gardens. We where able to receive a sponsorship from the owner Kenny of Shepstone Gardens to use his lovely estate for this beautiful photoshoot *THE WHOLE DAY*. my couple was over joyed and couldn’t wait for the shoot. we wanted a whole traditional indian mixed feeling with modern lifestyle. With the lavish gardens and castles making this a wonderland while taking pictures. The whole scenery in the end turned into a theme as it where captured in the high gardens of Balli. this couples clothing was tailored made just for this particular shoot from a friend in Thailand keeping it formal but colorful. I remember the couple couldn’t keep their laughter in (almost forgetting how funny we can be), their love is as strong as the day we have met them, it felt like meeting up with long lost friends





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