q&A with a expert photographer


daniel le grange

 Why did you start photography?

A: I always had the urge to create and to express. Photography was my most favourite. I had one frame and I can add anything to that frame and how I see the world.

How did you get the top of the worlds #25 Wedding Photographers?

A: I know most people will begin with hard work and sweat and tears. But honistly, i only wanted to do what I love. Art in general is my most favourate passion and photography was how can express myself best. For years my work was displayed in various art galleries across the world including Milan, London, Spain, India and New York. Without noticing that the world was watching. 

Do you specialize only in wedding photography?

A:We are a full house photography solution. But my core to my style is Fashion and fine art. I use weddings to express myself.

How long have you been a wedding photographer?

A: 10 + years, and we have captured over 1200 weddings.

What’s the thing that interests you most about photography?

A: The people!, the moments. seening and having to travel the world for it.

How do you know when an image is good?

A:The story it tells. The emotion. If the scene or moment doesnt speak to me its not real photography.

Why is a “full time photographer” is more necessary then a part time photographer to your wedding day.

A:A full-time photographer with years of experience shooting hundreds of weddings is going to know how to handle ANYTHING, and how to keep you calm even if things run a little behind or get slightly chaotic. Their wedding Spacialists and not just photographers. They know how to get great photos even if the lighting or location changes, etc. Also, their portfolio is probably entirely made up of real-world clients, not models, and galleries of ONLY 10-20 weddings they ever photographed. 

A full-time photographer will always have more time to dedicate to correspondence, getting your photos delivered in a timely manner, and simply being more established and reputable overall.

How would you describe your style?

A: The core of it all is fashion and documentary style. I try to always use these ellements to photograph a unique story or scene.

When will we get to view our wedding photographs?

A:We launch a sneak peek of 20-50 photographs in the first week or two after the event. with the main highlights of your wedding day.

What does your previous award’s mean to us as new clients?

A:First, it’s important to know that you will be booking a professional / expert photographer. We are skilled in creating unique photographs no matter what circumstances there are on the day. Awards Are received on the style and meaner of which we have taken the picture. this means no matter what circumstance .We will take unique fine art images that are award winning.

Do you Edit/post production the wedding photographs?

A: Since the introduction of digital cameras, there has been an influx of wedding photographs that shoot and burn.  What I mean by this, is they photograph your wedding and simply put the photographs onto USB.  This is not the way a professional photographer will work.  All photographs are downloaded, colour corrected, edited and, if necessary, airbrushed to enhance your photos and make them look as special as you remember you day.  Some photographs are also turned to black and white, and special effects (not filters) see editing styles 101 can also be added.

How will we receive our final package, and how long do you need for the final end photographs?

A:Weddings take around 3 months for the final product. Long-time isn’t it?

But we deliver +- 800 fine art photographs which we edit every one of them in the highest standard. Your end product will be delivered in our favourite LAFRIQUE USB or CLOUD BASED System based on your preferance. We also offer timeless pieces that are exclusive to LAFRIQUE photography clients that can be orderd and made from a private online store.

Are you an adventure photographer or do you like to be in your comfort zone?

A:We are definitely an adventure photographers. We do prefer to think always outside the box and hate to see a venue before hand. I love the deap end. My ideas and vision comes to me in the moment. Confort zone dint land us in the top in the world. 

What is it you want to say with your photographs, do you think you have succeeded?

A:Always. The best thing about being an expert photographer is to know to capture these moments.

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started?

A: Finding your own voice from the start. Follow your own vision. 

What first drew you to your style of photography? How did you discover it?

A:Always looking for something different. Being inspired by my own couples and their personalities.

Why should I have a professional wedding photographer when my friend has a camera?

A:Although we have many not so good things to say about this. My main reason will be let your friend enjoy the wedding, he/she will definitely enjoy the party more then to work 9-11 hours straight on your wedding day.

I even declinded my own friends weddings so that i can enjoy myself plus it gives them the peace of mind. I sure help them find the best one though.

How do we book you as our wedding photographer?

A:You can pop in with a email info@lafriquephotography.com with your wedding date venue and a little bit about yourself and what you’re looking for in your dream wedding photographer. Or get in touch with us though our website contact us page.

Thank you for reading our Q&A