How to style your photography for VOGUE Italy

March 4, 2022

Here are our #08 tips for a publication in your favorite magazine

How we style our photography and advice is based on our own unique views and description. But I love to share the key basics in what I know to help and grow others.

Being issued for Honours in Wedding and lifestyle photography across the globe does not guarantee the success of your photographs to be seen in glossy pages such as Vogue or Bazaar. But being published will be based on the story you tell thru your images. A photograph should tell a story naturally.

But first, let’s start by the “let’s not do that”


When we first started thinking about photography, the technical elements were everything. A photograph should be well-lit, with balanced shadows and whites that are not blown out. You were thinking about using strobes and flashes, reflectors, and light balancing equipment to smooth out a photograph and get the light and composition just perfect.

What if I encouraged you to abandon playing by the rules, to have your skill as the fundamentals, and have fun with the rest? And when I advise “have fun,” I mean “really have fun.” Photography shooting should be a joyous, memorable experience.

Lesson #1

Stop being technical

We love gear, and we want the best of the best. Well, my first photograph in vogue was captured 12 years ago on a simple canon D550. But rather have tons of lenses wayhing you down or strobes making it hard to fit into certain environments. Leave them. Yes, you read that…. I would even recommend using one lens ( gasp….).

So plan your shoot ahead and bring only the things based on the needs for that specific location or session.

Lesson #2

Believe in your intuition. This might be frightening at first, but remember to have fun!

Believe in yourself; you’re an artist, and you know it! You should do it if you recognize a specific location/pose/outfit/beauty appearance that everyone can agree on would look incredible.   We live in a culture that expects us to be ordinary. We are socialized to be comfortable with what we accept, yet as an artist, everything you do should be uncomfortable. So follow your instincts and ideas. And perhaps get a little wild!

Lesson #3

A photograph should mean something. If you’re just taking pictures to fill up a memory card you killing your art. Every shot should mean something. If you plan it in advance or in the moment what story should it tell?

Lesson #4

No more editing like everyone else does, Editing and digital manipulation have replaced our darkrooms. We can work hours Infront of a monitor and editing images over and over with the same look will easily tire your creative mind. Find your own voice and stick with it. You can find your own signature style or even create it. This can even be the way you shoot the photo from the start. play with it and test it out on your images. This will instantly set you apart from the rest.

Lesson #5

One of my key lessons will be to stop memorizing poses from inspiration boards. Yes, we all do it. But rather than memorize a pose, see what pose flatters a body type or theme session. My number one tip will always be to guide your subjects into a pose, tell a story with it. This simple technique will make you never feel left without any ideas.

So what do all these lesson tips have to do the get in vogue… Well, ill get to that!

Lesson #6

The angle from which you capture the photograph. Your subjects should barely glance at the camera. Depending on the situation, while photographing a subject, their eyes and expression must be turned away from the camera. Consider a direct message when you observe a model gazing at the camera. They’re “telling you” it’s a fantastic product or service. As a result, celebrities and high-end fashion models are frequently seen taking this method. Because they have an audience to whom they communicate directly.

This style of photography is very straightforward. With any serious message, such as global warming, the subject will stare directly at the camera, delivering a direct message to the spectator or reader.

When doing a wedding, lifestyle, or even an Editorial shoot let your subject look away from you. This creates a story, an idea for the viewer, and remember imagination is key when it comes to art.

Lesson #7

Styling and details are everything, from Makeup, Hair, garments, and jewelry a photographer should give full perspective over these elements. It’s not about a brand name like Versace or Dior they’re wearing it’s about the inspired look. Whether a black silhouette dress or a French-style tooled dress.

Inspire your subjects by recommending different styled garments that will fit your vision. ( remember lesson 3) it should tell a story.

Lesson #8

Choose your location wisely, Stop taking pictures where everyone else already did. If you see it all over social, chances are 100% your shoot is not going to be unique. If you are still inspired by the old, well take images from a completely new view/angle point. “ I always have this saying when it comes to weddings if the Wedding planner recommends certain locations based on what other photographers have done, I completely do the opposite”-Daniel)

My Conclusion

When images are about real people they should represent that, but tell the story or the one that you want to tell thru your own perspective. The outcome will always be amazing. Enjoy these moments and have your subjects relish them with you the rest will basically just fall into place.

When an image tells a story, imagination from a viewer runs wild. It instantly creates a platform to draw from, Social media has been created so that artists/creators can be heard, and editorial features such as photo VOGUE pics up on artists with a unique sense of style and eye. They look for the voice or face inside a crowded space.

NEXT UP_ The new era of photo accessories!



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