November 27, 2020
OKAY! so this wedding preview is so long due. For some who follow our social has notice loads of this wedding images taking over our feeds. So its finally time to unveil this beautiful wedding we captured. Now first, we are a bit late with this post, not because of being behind schedule. Like you think, but what we wanted to say about this couples special day. I really wanted to spend time writing something special. And especially something from the heart (which is hard to do for me in general, I’m more of a ‘”picture” guy then a “blogger” if you catch my drift…

So our first session and encounter working with Greg and Monique was their engagement shoot. and basically not just any shoot. an entire session under water. We had a blast but I can remember we where exhausted  after that session. but just kept on relaxing near the water and had a blast. Oh and BTW the images was mind blowing! one of my most fave sessions.

We rescheduled their wedding to next year due to covid, but we where also privilege enough to capture their small ceremony at Caltis House Guest house. a small romantic time shared with their closest friends and family. The moment we walked in the guest house it was so peaceful. the normal intensity of an average wedding was no where to be found. it felt more like home. But not because it was a guest house. but with the people inside it. the welcoming. everybody made us felt so warm and at home, as if they knew us for a lifetime  we just had to be part of the day and not feel any pressure. Now; we have amazing brides and amazing people we meet at weddings that makes our life warm and always reminds us why we love to do weddings. But particular to this wedding. It was meeting friends and people you knew forever. but met for the first time. the friendliness and love everybody shared was definitely something new we never experienced. We loved every aspect of their wedding. The Romance between them, the love of their friends, the vibe and overall love in the atmosphere. While we where documenting their wedding it was such a joy and pleasure. especial having a gin Popsicle while taking photos at the same time, NOW that was a first!


Thank you for the amazing photos of my son, Greg and Monique. You really captured them perfect, could not have happened without you skills. Something to always treasure and remember.



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