Telling your brand's narrative is a process that may be accomplished through a multitude of ways. Good lifestyle photography may provide an outsider's perspective on the inner workings of a business. When done well, it may shape the environment and personality of a company's culture.

Lifestyle Photography vs Branding Photography

“the person behind the company or department.”

The distinction between lifestyle and branding photography. Although both categories are used interchangeably, branding photography often comprises a mix of studio and environmental photos. Corporate lifestyle, to us, is more about documenting an executive's day-to-day activities and exhibiting what "a day in the life" looks like. Brand image should contain some of that, but it will also include typical business headshots for the corporate website — in a consistent style that is used for all personnel in the organization.

A magazine story, whether editorial or promotional, may seek to highlight "the person behind the company." Casual pictures of the CEO enjoying an undertaking in his or her rare "off time" might demonstrate an executive's personality and make him or her appear more authentic. An annual report, on the other hand, may prefer that suit in the Board room. Similarly, photographs depicting a CEO's engagement with the business staff may be quite useful for a variety of marketing purposes.