As we cover this in our Bridal Guideline. We wanted to make a full article on this. It’s not everyday

A wedding blog or specialist in Weddings writes about the guys as much as for the Brides.

So this is our view from a photographer’s point of view.

Our Bridal guideline as mentioned are available to all our booking clients. and goes a long way of guidance to your photography coordination and how everything ties down in the end to make some wonderful photographs that can be cherished forever.

Here is our top list to think about your hubby.

Like brides the guys also deserves a great looking dressing room with big windows to allow sunlight to break thru. This is as important as some rooms tend to be dark undecorated and just feels unpersonal to the rest of the glamorous wedding.  Guys also like a great dressing room on the day and the end results in your wedding documentation goes a long way with video and Photography. Natural light is wat make’s “wonderful natural photographs” and even your Videographer would love it. Yes; we can work with lighting but this can also make an editorial look / dark and moody and not all brides like that.

Fun moments. Oh yes the guy’s love this just as much as you’re Bridesmaids do. So come prepared with some great idea gift for the guys. Flasks, personalized ties and even underwear. These added touches of personality make’s some great images then just your normal dressing photos. Add some whiskey and cigars and you don’t just get cool handsome photos but your Hubby will love and cherish these memories forever.

The room needs tidying. We can only say so much on this part. We can edit so much and then it’s impossible. So cloths, kettles, fire extinguishers needs to be in a separate part of the room. This makes also the photographs look classy and well managed. It will leave room for your Wedding documenting team to capture every moment without feeling cluttered. The photographer will usually pic out a side of the room he/she would like to use to document the dressing and wonderful captured moments.


Dear grooms. Treat your soon-to-be wife

On the morning of your wedding, when you and your bride are getting ready separately, it’s a really nice idea to treat her. Get her a little gift for her to open on the morning! (just arrange this with the photographer so we can capture the moment she opens her gift or start reading your heart felt note) Great ideas. Perfume that she can wear for the day? This way, any time she wears it again, it will bring her back to your wedding day!

Another idea that we absolutely LOVE is writing your soon-to-be wife a letter that she can open before she’s walking down to you at the end of the aisle. Fill it with reasons why you love her and your favorite memories that your share.



Here is some great ideas to make you feel relaxed and in control on the day.

Check your shirt is clean, simple right but so many grooms fall victim to this, (it pays to have a back-up, just in case), make sure your suit is lint-free and your shoes are well shine ( this is a simple note but guys having fun before the wedding starts usually these small thigs gets missed.

If you’re shaving, do it as carefully as you can, or trim your beard if facial hair is on the cards. If in doubt, get your Best Man to give your full look the once-over before you get to the venue.

. Check in with your best man

Speaking of, you want to make sure everything’s going according to plan.

. Go over your speech

Yours is probably the most straightforward speech, since you’ll basically just be thanking a whole lot of people – the guests, the Best Man, the parents of the bride, and your gorgeous bride. Especially your gorgeous bride. Give it a final run through.

. Relax and have fun

– you’re nervous!. We know it’s supposed to be the biggest day of your life, but you want to look back with fond memories – not a list of things that have played on your mind. Cherish the ceremony, enjoy the reception and then look forward to your upcoming honeymoon. You’ve earned it.