It felt so different to start capturing again after 3 months of lockdown due to the virus that our world are facing on a day to day basis.

On the 13th June Belinda and Alexander should have had their gorgeous and extravagant wedding with family and friends. but had to postpone like so many others.

But for these two. Love was more stronger then any virus. They pulled together a small ceremony with their parients and themselves and friends over zoom to witness.

Belinda's Dad also are a minister and would have initially married them. The day turned into an emotional one as these two beautiful souls united as one. congratulations on these two amazing people.


All safety protocols was followed during the ceremony section. we where at all times more then 3 meters away. and we had all safety masks and gear available during this session.

photography Services was given under level 3. photography services are open under certain protocols.

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